1) Esterlee (Racine) Lupien (3rd from right) and friends.

2) Esterlee (Racine) Lupien and her father (Ferdinand Racine).

3) Esterlee (Racine) Lupienís mother (Emma Beaucar 1868-1974 (106 years of age)).

4) Emma (Beaucar) Racineís mother (Monique?).

5) Herve Lupien.

6) Herve Lupien with parents (Mother: Eugenie Lupien, Father: Antoine Lupien.

7) L to R: Hazel (Racine) Blum, Emma Beaucar, Coramay (Racine) Carpenter (This picture is the three daughters with mother (Emma Beaucar).

8) L to R: Jackie, Natalie, Esterlee (mother).

9) L: Coramay, R: Esterlee (Siblings).

10) L to R: (Aunt) Coramay, (Niece) Jackie, (Aunt) Hazel .