Hi guys, Well, here's some pictures I have from the old days. Some of these are fairly rough but I found them to be interesting viewing. I have a few more that I found at Pam's place a couple of weeks ago but don't have them scanned yet.

Hey, if you guys have some photos from those days I'd be happy to post them here. So send them over.

I've uploaded these at full resolution so they make take a few seconds to load. I did this in case someone wanted to download for printing.

Lori Blaze & Tommy.jpg (230508 bytes) Cheryl, Tony, Pam, Randy - Blurry.jpg (87508 bytes) Ginger & Mom.jpg (81435 bytes) Cheryl  & David.jpg (144251 bytes)

Tank, Pam & Randy.jpg (86718 bytes) Scott Morgan.jpg (95155 bytes) Robbie, Tank, Karen.jpg (99418 bytes) Monty Graduation.jpg (57955 bytes)

 The Gang.jpg (129925 bytes) Willie.jpg (164258 bytes) Coupled Gang.jpg (105205 bytes)